Squeezed between the better-known Princes Street and George Street lies this little lane–Rose Street in Edinburgh–which is somewhat of a misnomer, because it’s anything but shy and retreating. Rose Street’s relatively residential days seem miles away; now, with an array of restaurants, cafes, shops and many, many bars along its pedestrianised road with mosaic rose inlays, it’s fair to say that it has flourished in full bloom. Whether you grab a bite at the casual chic The Rosehip or pick up a seriously great sandwich at the simply titled ‘Brunch’, you will feel the need to balance out the temptations of Rose Street, which cover drinking establishments with historical overtures, and casual bars with cheeky undertones. The rather infamous Rose Street Challenge involves a drink at every bar, which is strictly for the brave of heart; we reckon if there ever were a chance to be brave, in Scotland it should be.