Every book lover out there is aware of how intrinsic books can be to our lives. Books were the very first things with which we began travelling. Before being able to go off on adventures, books were all we had. Enid Blyton described the shenanigans of the Famous Five, and Jack Kerouac travelled around America with us. We even walked alongside Charley and Steinbeck, mapped England with Kazuo Ishiguro, toured the universe with Douglas Adams, and discovered ourselves with Elizabeth Gilbert. Prior to us putting on our travelling shoes, we did all the travelling on pages. Such is the power of words. By Quoyina Ghosh

This vastly known ability of books to take us places depends solely on the writer – a fact us Dan Brown fans, can attest to. In the breathless adventures, which he takes us on, we come across lost symbols, stunning architectures and brilliant locations. When one takes foot and reaches the places so vividly described, they can almost visualise Robert Langdon running amok in the streets. What makes this pact even sweeter is the existence of Dan Brown book tours that one can avail in Rome to make his books come alive. These are some locations you cannot miss out on while on these tours.

1. Pantheon

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Built in 125 AD, this church is renowned for the large dome and the hole in the building’s ceiling. Since it has been in constant use from the time it was built, the church continues to stand intact as one of the grandest ancient buildings from back in the day. Go check it out! Who knows, maybe you’ll find the path of illumination!

2. Santa Maria Del Popolo

With the famous Italian sculptor and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture that features in Angels and Demons here, you’ll find yourself facing gorgeous artwork at this church. Had it not been for Brown, this artistically brilliant church is often overlooked by unknowing travellers.

3. Piazza Navona

This stunning oval-shaped piazza stands out amid the various piazzas you’ll find in Rome. Here, one can find the magnificent Fountain of the Four Rivers, a Bernini work of art. Skipping this would truly be a sin, maybe even to the extent of being unable to save a life or two.

4. Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica

Right in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica, this Bernini designed square is where the Pope addresses the crowds. This key location in the book is easy to find. You can also visit the Vatican excavations but you’ll have to reserve a special visit for that.

5. Castel Sant’Angelo

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Domani sera a Castel Sant'Angelo Metamorphosi Vincenzo Zitello & Arthuan Rebis: dalle 21.00 i due musicisti e la regista e cantante Giada Colagrande, conducono il pubblico oltre le porte del tempo, attraverso una metamorfosi di suoni straordinari. Vincenzo Zitello è il primo divulgatore dell'arpa celtica in Italia dal 1977, è tra i più importanti arpisti al mondo. In questa speciale occasione si esibirà allʼarpa celtica e allʼarpa bardica, accompagnato dal polistrumentista Arthuan Rebis. – #castelsantangelo #artcityestate2019 Per info e prenotazioni link in bio – La foto di copertina è di @viaggiatore_sentimentale; le altre sono di @vincenzo_zitello e @arthuan_rebis

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Nothing excites a Dan Brown fan like a secret passage and the idea of it being inside a castle. According to Brown’s books, this place is renowned for housing the Pope in times of turmoil. Although one has to book a tour in advance to explore the castle, one can easily  enjoy a part of this castle, which doubles as a museum, without a booking.

If you can’t get enough of Dan Brown, this tour is something you should not miss out on. So, go ahead, put on your Robert Langdon shoes and solve some mysteries!

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