Technology is maligned in the world of romance, blamed for eating away at your time. But these handpicked gadgets are tailor-made for couples who travel together and love their smart gear. By Vaibhav Sharma

1. Smart Device – Amazon Echo Show

Romance With Technology

Spouse on a work trip? Stay in touch with video calls—not on a smartphone or laptop, but on the tiny screen and speakers of Amazon’s Echo Show. A 10.1” display and Dolby Audio means long-distance calls are better than ever before. INR 22,999.

2. Camera – Fuji Instax Mini Liplay

Romance With Technology

It doesn’t get cheesier than this instant hybrid camera. Retro design, loads of filters and digital frames, the ability to add audio clips via QR codes, and yes, instant prints of you and your partner on your travels! INR 13,799.

3. Watch – Fossil Sport Smartwatch

Romance With Technology

Are you two old-school romantics who love stepping out in matching OOTD? Fossil’s Sport Wear OS smartwatch makes life easier. It’s available in a bunch of colours—everything from black and grey to red and yellow. It has GPS, all day heart-rate tracking, and customisable dials. And since you can pick from 41 mm and 43 mm case sizes, you and your partner both should find your fit. INR 11,995.

4. Travel Gear – Chulim Double Hammock

Romance With Technology

Lazy Sundays at home, a weekend drive to the closest hill station, or even the patio of your Airbnb—make them all better by cosying up with that special someone in this lightweight (just over half a kilo) double hammock. Available in a bunch of colours, easy to stow, and sturdy. USD 35 (INR 2,500).

5. Laptop – HP Chromebook X360

Romance With Technology

It’s a tablet, but it’s also the best travel laptop. Check your mail, work on the included Office 365 apps, listen to Google Play Music, sort your photos, catch up on Instagram, and so on. The easy Gmail-based login means it’s great for use as a shared device. INR 29,990.

6. Tablet – iPad mini

Romance With Technology

So you like graphic novels, and she likes Sci-Fi sagas. Why carry a tablet and an e-reader? Just get the iPad Mini and get the best of both worlds. The Apple Pencil also makes this a bonafide sketching tool for anyone who wants to sit by the Seine and doodle. And yes, Netflix looks gorgeous! From INR 34,900.

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