Fifteen years after his first visit, fashion photographer and T+L India & South Asia A-List member Rohan Shrestha returned to Milan for a slice of fashion and football.

Through the lens Milan
A Neoclassical church in the centre of Milan, the Basilica di San Carlo al Corso sports a colonnaded facade that extends around the sides forming a square piazza.

What was your expectation from Milan? And did the city live up to it?

Through The Lens Milan
The glass dome roof of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy’s oldest active shopping mall.

I’ve been to Milan before, but never to Milan Fashion Week. It was a fantastic experience to see the setting, the buzz, and the crowd. It’s not something I experience often. And I fell in love with the city again. When I first went to Milan about 15 years ago, I was a 19-year-old travelling in Europe for the first time, and I didn’t know much. The Internet wasn’t as powerful, so my information was limited. But this time, the guidance that I got from the Airbnb team was fantastic, and they set up so many experiences for me that I got to see more of the real Milan.

What did you discover on your walking tour of the city?

Through the lens Milan
Piazza Della Scala turns into a garden for the Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia, one of the events at Milan Fashion Week.

What’s unique about Milan, and also the rest of Italy, is how proud they are of their culture, history, and heritage. The way they maintain their old architecture is inspiring. The city reminds me of home, because the people are so community- and family-driven. On my walking tour, I had a fantastic guide who gave me lots of information on the city’s history I believe that the best way to discover a city is on foot.

Describe your stay.

Through the lens Milan
An Airbnb Plus penthouse apartment, which is just a stroll away from the Duomo.
Through the lens Milan
The rooms at the apartment are a perfect blend of vintage and modern.

My Airbnb Plus apartment was absolutely fantastic. It was right on the main street next to the Duomo. It was a huge penthouse apartment—three bedrooms, and a spacious living room with vibrant wall art, natural wood flooring, and an original marble fireplace, all for me!

Favourite meal of the trip? Must-try dishes?

Through the lens Milan
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II houses numerous well-decorated restaurants, including some of the oldest establishments of Milan.

The pizzas were unbelievable! The espresso in Italy is amazing, and I’m a huge coffee buff, so I was curious to try various brews in different cafes. I’m not much of a cook. But I learnt to make pasta from scratch—kneading the dough and rolling it through the pasta-maker, etc.

We heard you saw a football match there?

Through the lens Milan
Watching the Milan derby football match is an unrivalled experience.

I’ve travelled extensively across Europe to watch football matches—Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid, and in England as well—London and Manchester. But this was possibly my greatest experience—the Milan derby is always a huge game! The city was at a standstill. Everyone was either an Inter Milan or AC Milan fan. The Milan derby happens just twice a year, but I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is a football fan.

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