Located on the heritage coast of North Yorkshire, England, this fishing village is a perfect weekend getaway spot for you and your family. With lots to discover, Robin Hood’s Bay awaits you. By Divyansh Mehta

Strolling through its narrow streets and alleys, the village gives you an opportunity to experience the history of sailors, press gangs and smugglers that walked these passages years ago. Here are some famous spots you must discover when you visit Robin Hood’s Bay.

1. North Yorkshire And Cleveland Heritage Coast

The North Yorkshire Heritage Coast runs across the North York Moors National Park. The town of Whitby is the cultural centre of the coast and is located in a deep ravine at the opening of the River Esk. One of Northeast Yorkshire’s most popular seaside towns, Whitby features narrow lanes and streets leading to a busy, characterful harbour, fishing trawlers sailing past, lifeboat cruises and lively bars.

2. St. Stephen’s Church

The Old St. Stephen’s church was built in 1822, which has been present on the site since the medieval era. It is an Anglican structure located on a hillside in Fylingdales, overlooking the Robin Hood’s Bay. The church was built using sandstone with a purple slate roof and its interiors are crafted with original Georgian fittings.

3. Saltwick Bay

Saltwick Bay is a north-east facing bay, situated 1.6 km east of the Whitby town. The recommended duration to see the place is for three hours. Tourists can take a stroll along the cliff path with mesmerising views across the North Sea, and go down via a steep path to arrive in this secluded little bay.

4. Whitby Harbour East Lighthouse

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#WhitbyHarbourEastLighthouse Not many people visited the east lighthouse. Therefore, here have hidden attractions: Intertidal zone. In here, we can see the full Whitby city and the castle which has mountain and sea. -– •-– •-– •-– •-– •-– •-– •-– •-– •-– •-– 🏝Whitby Harbour East Lighthouse . 「Whitby Harbour East Lighthouse」💰£ free 比起西塔, 參觀東塔的人真的不多. 因為這邊無法更靠近海洋; 另一方面則是要繞一大圈所以很多遊客不知道😂 椰子只是抱著好奇的心態想把所有的景色印入腦中, 殊不知竟然遇到隱藏版潮間帶的入口處! 東塔的好處是地勢較高, 可以一覽整個城市與山峰美景. . 🏠 war memorial 📍 Langborne Rd, Whitby YO21 1DH ☎️ – ⌚️ – 🌱 #充食の旅★★★★★ 💠 #英國の旅 🍃 Follow👉@rjimmark0914

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Nestled on Ling Hill beyond Saltwick Bay, the lighthouse is a white brick tower, which was designed by James Walker. The lighthouse was electrified in 1976 and started functioning automatically in 1992. Also, the old lighthouse keepers’ cottages are now available to hire by holidaymakers.

Getting There

The nearest airport to The Robin Hood’s Bay is Durham International Airport, United Kingdom. From the airport, its a two-hour drive to the Bay.


Victoria Hotel, located right next to the coast provides you with breathtaking views. Price for room per night is INR 13,000.

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