You would be amazed at the diversity and the expanse of Israel’s landscape packed in such small geographic space. And the only way to truly explore and experience it first hand is by taking on to the roads. The cities of Israel may be super-cool and full of characters but its countryside is no less. Here are some of the most stunning road trips you can take in Israel. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Haifa to Rosh Hanikra, via Akko

Israel’s northernmost tip of Rosh Hanikra is close to Lebanon and makes for the ideal destination to relax in after the road trip. With caves, grottoes, turquoise blue waters , this one’s a don’t-do-anything kinda place. On your way, don’t forget to take a tour of the Old City of Akko, which is dripping with history and ancient architecture along with traditional Israeli food. Akko to Rosh Hanikra is only a half-hour’s drive, after all.

2. Tel Aviv To Jerusalem Via Abu Gosh

There’s always that person in the group who is an unbeatable foodie. And then there’s someone who is all about historical and cultural exploration. There are also people who just love the city and its bustling life. Well, let’s just say that this road trip is the conciliation point of all these varying preferences. Fifty minutes southeast from Tel Aviv, this trip traverses the Israeli town of Abu Gosh on the Jerusalem Hills. Your final destination will be Jerusalem, an extremely important religious site for Muslims, Jews, and Christians. You can visit ancient tunnels, religious monuments, or shop from one of its many markets. P.S: At Akko, don’t forget to taste what is arguably Middle-East’s best hummus.

3. Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, via Masada and Ein Gedi

How can you possibly say a trip to Israel is complete without setting your eyes on the Dead Sea? This particular road trip takes you to three of Israel’s most beautiful tourist attractions and can be completed in only a day. Masada and Ein Gedi are your stop-offs on the way for majestic sunrise views and natural detoxification. At Ein Gedi Beach, treat yourself to some time doing nothing but laying back on the beach and float in its waters before heading back to Jerusalem via the Dead Sea coast.

4. Jerusalem to Eilat via Mitzpe Ramon and Timna Park

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Let’s end this list with Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat but not without laying your eyes on the Negev Desert. Make a stopover at Mitzpe Ramon, known to be the best stargazing spot in Israel. It also boasts of a spectacular crater. Next, head to further down south to Timna Park through Negev. Timna Park is home to the world’s oldest copper mine, historical sites, and rock formations. Your end destination, Eilat, is a busy resort town which is perfect for end-trip extravaganzas with gorgeous reefs, dolphins, snorkelling and scuba diving. If you want to take your celebratory dinner at the end of trip to the very next level, Eilat also has Israel’s only underwater restaurant.

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