#TnlRoadTrips: Your Ultimate Guide To The Greatest Road Trips In India

As travellers, the charm of hitting the road is irresistible. While the fear of flying might continue to loom keeping the current Coronavirus pandemic in mind, domestic road trips are bound to make a comeback when it comes to rebound travel, as also emphasised through #TnlOutreach. Stay tuned as T+L India presents #TnlRoadTrips your ultimate guide to planning some of the best road trips in India. 

Travelling, as we know it, has changed. However, the itch to explore remains bright as ever. Wandering souls are predicted to chase the light at the end of the tunnel, and literally so! At a time when countries around the world are yet to fully embrace international tourists, domestic road trips could just be the means to soothe the wanderlust bug. And why not, right?

The sheer flexibility and spontaneity of being on the road have lured travellers for long. The choice of making the journey as long or short as one wishes has always been a big plus for road trip enthusiasts. Its inherent safety aspect, especially if you decide to travel in a private vehicle, now adds another dimension to it, allowing travellers to kick-start their adventures keeping social and physical distancing in mind.

What truly instills this renewed life in road trips,  is also the convenience it brings alongside. When it comes to road trips that you intend to take with friends and family, maybe even alone, travellers don’t need to fret about fellow unknown passengers on the way. The option of being closer home further fuels this.

Whether you wish to trod along the classic Mumbai to Goa route or embark on an epic north-eastern road sojourn, the domestic highways have a lot to show. After all, our domestic roads are full of life: charming Indian countrysides with dhabas dotted along the way ready to whip up local delicacies; landscapes that dance between ghats and plains; or even signboards of different languages inviting you to various experiences…India has it all.

So, pack your rucksacks, strap on your seatbelts, and join us as we take you on an incredible adventure through India with #TnlRoadTrips. 

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