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Explore These Hidden Gems Near Goa That Are Just A Road Trip Away!

Popularity of Goa as a vacation spot is such that it hogs away all the limelight from other nearby destinations worth your attention. Yet, someone who’s a resident or has travelled too often to Goa may look for a change. Well, fret not because here’s a list of road trips from Goa that will leave you spellbound. By Divyansh Mehta

1. Amboli

Approximately 110 km away from Goa, Amboli is the perfect destination for you to have some quiet time on the hills. This extreme south point of Maharashtra has been an attractive tourist destination because of its 108 Shiva temples. The mild dew drops on lush green stretches of grass, heavy rainfalls in monsoon months and numerous waterfalls make this place a perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway.

2. Lavasa

Located very close to Pune city, Lavasa is best known for its colourful house exteriors and bridges. It’s a nine-hour drive from Goa, and offers beautiful natural scenery all along the way.

3. Nersa

Located 78 km away, its a perfect destination if you plan to go for a long drive with your loved one. Nersa offers several options for trekkers — Abnali, Bhimgad and Kongla allow you to trek through thick forests. It is believed by the locals that around 40 species of bats have been seen in this area city. The perfect time to visit Nersa is between March and October.

4. Shravanabelagola

Located in Hassan district of Karnataka, Shravanabelagola has a lot of history attached to it. The Gommateshvara Bahubakli statue would be the main highlight for you if you are interested in history. Shravanabelagola is also a perfect place for sightseeing, exploration and photography. It is 495 km away from Goa and there are many options for tourists to choose their accommodation on reaching the place.

5. Dandeli

Talking about the best of both worlds, Dandeli offers the hills of Karnataka and views of Goa at one place. One can’t simply get enough of the adventure activities at Dandeli. Apart from camping in jungles and lakeside, river rafting is another great option here. It is a two-hour long drive from Goa and calls for a perfect road trip for adventure-seeking souls.

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