To break away from lockdown fatigue, whipping up some excitement in your daily life is your safest bet. In times like these, donning a chef’s hat comes naturally. Whether you are a budding gastronomical guru or new to the kitchen, quick recipes paired with easy-to-follow steps are bound to bring joy. And our new series, #TnlTaste brings you just that, crafted straight from the countertops of your favourite food bloggers. Recipe by Ritika Jaiswal

Known by her blog name Kolkata Foodie, Ritika Jaiswal’s social feed is a deep-dive into aesthetics and taste, all at once. Apart from whipping up delicacies in the kitchen, this baking enthusiast also ventures around the city giving unbiased restaurant reviews and food suggestions along the way. With a penchant for all things sweet, her love for healthy snacks also grabs eyeballs, making every viewer salivate instantly!

For this episode of #TnlTaste, Jaiswal brushes her sweet tooth aside and creates an easy, healthy and super delicious version of a glass noodle salad.

Glass Noodle Salad


  • Glass noodles
  • Peanuts
  • Soya sauce
  • Thai sweet chilli sauce
  • Coriander
  • Bell peppers
  • Carrots
  • Lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Salt


  • Soak glass noodles in hot water.
  • Drain excess water after an hour of soaking, and set aside.
  • Julienne carrots and bell peppers, and keep aside.
  • Lightly toast the peanuts and set aside.


For dressing

  • In a bowl, add soy sauce, Thai sweet chilli sauce, lemon juice, sugar and salt. Mix well.
  • Adjust spice as per personal preference.

For salad

  • In a separate bowl, add glass noodles.
  • Next, add the vegetables, salad dressing, coriander, and crushed peanuts.
  • Serve with lemon wedges.

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