Afghanistan is that intense pot of curry, which has 12 different kinds of spices in it and needs to be devoured slowly in order to unpack every flavour that makes the dish as unforgettable as it is. Visiting Kabul is like taking those first few bites and realising that this particular curry will require more than just a few mouthfuls simply because you just can’t get enough of it. But, before we get too hungry, let us give you a quick two-day itinerary of Kabul that will give you the aptest introduction to the flavours of the country of Afghanistan. While the contrast between the police galore and the barbed wires in the city centre that resembles a fortress and the city that lives, breathes, and functions just as normally as any other is amusing to experience, one must always remember to keep the restrictions of safety in check. By Shubhanjana Das

Day 1

Kabul Museum

With just two days in hand, it makes sense for you to get a crash course in the history and culture of Kabul, and what better place than Kabul Museum to do so! Even though years of civil war surely have reflected its damages on the museum and its once mesmerising collection, which included Hellenistic gold coins to Buddhist statuary and Islamic bronzes, Kabul Museum is once again on the run to be on the radar of one of the most promising museums in the world, just like before. A quick tour lets you in on the site of Kabul and Afghanistan before the ravages of war while also highlighting the years of intense struggle it has charted. P.S. make sure you don’t miss the Nuristani gallery upstairs in the museum.

Babur Garden

After the intensity of the Kabul Museum, Babur Garden is the perfect place to bask in the glory of a garden so beautiful that Babur wished to be buried in it. This beautiful garden at the heart of the city is the perfect place to have a little picnic by yourselves and bask in its restored glory and beauty.

Bala Hissar and City Walls

Ready to take a quick hike after an uplifting time at Babur Garden? Located at the Koh-e-Shir Darwaza mountains standing tall at the southwestern approaches to Kabul, the Bala Hissar was the site of a 5th-century fortress damaged during the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The present citadel on Bala Hissar was built in the 19th century and is interspersed by the rising city walls from the towers along the ridges of the mountain, in case you want a panoramic look at the city of Kabul.

Day 2

Ka Faroshi Bird Market

The backs of the Pul-e Khishti Mosque hides the Ka Faroshi Bird market, which, as its name clearly suggests, deals in birds (and other pet animals). The bazaar resembles one stuck in the 1960s and is a visual treat for every photographer and observer. Sure, we have seen a great many bazaars across the world, but one that deals in birds? Guess Kabul will have to be the first!

Omar Land Mine Museum

Afghanistan has taken its history of war and turned it into something that only the country could have — a land mine museum. The museum, run by the Organisation for Mine Clearance and Afghan Rehabilitation (OMAR), exhibits 60 different kinds of mines from all over the world, barring Afghanistan itself. We are certain this is going to be a first for a lot of us!

The Streets of Kabul

To end your 2-day soiree in Kabul, take it easy, lay back and observe the pace of the city as it moves through its cobbled streets, exuding an old-world charm that is typical to itself. Chat up with strangers, devour some exotic and extremely intense chopan kebab or Kofta kebab with naan, and perhaps think of ways in which you can cure the Kabul hangover after tour departure.

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