For a fascinating insight into the biggest land-sea-air invasion in history, head to Okinawa, Japan.

If you’re trailing the World War II sites, don’t stop in Europe. In another corner of the world, Okinawa, a beautiful Prefecture in Japan, draws tourists with its beaches and water sports, but it has a bloody history that send chills down your spine. The biggest land-sea-air invasion in history took place here. In numbers: 5,45,000 Americans fought the Battle of Okinawa and 2,00,000 people were killed, including civilians who committed mass suicides. We draw up three spots.


  • It’s a sobering experience to visit the Former Navy Underground Headquarters. In these passages and tunnels, many soldiers committed suicide when it became apparent that America has infiltrated their defences.
Former Navy Underground Headquarters



Okinawa Perfectural Peace Memorial Museum



  • On the Cornerstone of Peace, the names of those who died during the battle—soldiers from each side and civilians—have been inscribed.
Cornerstone of Peace