Rejuve — The Spa at The LaLiT Mumbai offers the most perfect respite from the travails of daily life in its wellness cocoon. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

After a long week of travelling, I finally find some time to hit the spa, and god knows, how much I’ve been craving a good massage to get rid of muscle aches. I’m at The LaLiT Mumbai’s spa, Rejuve. The beige and earthy-toned interiors are warm and welcoming. I meet Mr Lalit Mundkur who heads the spa operations here, and he recommends their signature multi-sensory massage to me. I am told, it’s a 140-minute affair! I walk towards my therapy room, and the sound of soft, soothing music in the backdrop coupled with warm floral fragrance in the corridor immediately relaxes my mind.

Rejuve—The Spa

My masseuse, Aring, welcomes me with a heartfelt smile. I quickly change into a bathrobe and lie on my back on a unique massage table that has a special built-in hydro-massage brush and drainage system. She starts exfoliating my body from head to toe with a luxurious scrub. I have very sensitive skin, and the scrub initially feels hard textured; however, after 15 minutes, I start enjoying Aring’s long strokes on my body.

After the scrubbing session, a cocoon-like tent is erected around my massage table, and I indulge in a 15-minute steam session. I am sweating, I can feel my pores opening up, and my skin feels velvety-soft. This is followed by a warm, relaxing rinse with a hydro hand-held therapy massage brush right on the massage table. Aring smears away the scrub off my body. I pat myself dry and walk to the adjoining room for the second phase of my therapy.

Rejuve—The Spa
Rejuve offers the most luxurious treatments, perfect for urbanites, who are seeking holistic wellness sessions.

I see a bed that has a warm water mattress emitting green light. As I lie on this unique therapy bed, the warmth of the water and the soft, embracing sensation of the mattress instantly puts me in a daze. Aring starts massaging my body with hot aromatic oil. She kneads my back muscles and applies hard pressure on my foot—just what I need to release all my anxiety, stress, and body aches. After over an hour, I wake up to take a hot shower. My skin feels unbelievably soft, and I can sense my pain washing off me under the hot stream of water.

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