You can now re-experience the joy of traversing the length and breadth of the country by hitting the highway with Corona India, thanks to all the exciting deals and experiences handpicked by the brand in their latest initiative – ‘Rediscover Paradise’– in partnership with Thrillophilia. Find out all the details here. 

Bid adieu to your lockdown woes, hit the roads when safe, and revive your love for travel by rediscovering India like never before with Corona India‘s cool initiative to revive tourism within the country. Synonymous with beaches and paired with an affinity for the natural world, this popular Mexican brand now invites millennials to pause, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life after months of staying indoors through their new platform, ‘Rediscover Paradise’.

Understanding the importance of road trips as the next big travel trend—as also emphasised during #TnlOutreach, a series of webinars from Travel + Leisure India & South Asia with experts from the travel and hospitality industries—‘Rediscover Paradise’ will help fuel the drive for discovering local destinations. In fact, Meenakshi Sharma, Director-General, Ministry of Tourism, was quoted saying during one of the sessions: “Road trips will attract people, and caravan tours will be encouraged [during rebound travel].”

Corona India’s ‘Rediscover Paradise’ stems from a similar note. Launched in collaboration with Thrillophilia, a leading online curator of experience-based gateways, travellers can now choose from a wide range of exciting deals and exclusive experiences through their ‘Book now, travel anytime’ initiative. In doing so, wanderers not only get a chance to satiate their travel itch but also become part of a larger cause – providing help and support to the struggling tourism industry. And this is exactly the crux of Corona India’s campaign: ‘Rediscover Paradise’. This endeavour aims to provide support to the brand’s core community: the tourism fraternity that has been hit hard due to the pandemic. Hence globally, Corona has pledged to provide aid to over 1,000 hotels across the world, with over 14,000 hotel room bookings to fuel it further.

Rediscover Paradise Corona India

In the initial stages of the project, Corona India has pre-purchased rooms at independently-run home-stays and resorts in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru to offer them immediate financial relief. Worldwide, the campaign has set in motion in select countries such as the United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile and Canada.

Keeping in mind the convenience of consumers, the brand is curating a large inventory of local stays and short experiences offered at great rates for travellers to book now and explore when it is deemed safe. To them, adopting road trips to nearby destinations will double as a catalyst in this revival process.

Commenting on the move, Alexander Lambrecht, VP Marketing – South Asia, AB InBev opined, “We are delighted to partner with Thrillophilia to launch ‘Rediscover Paradise’ programme, in line with our long-standing commitment to the travel and tourism industry that we connect with. We have over the years, passionately adopted beaches across the world, and outdoor living is deeply rooted in all our efforts. Now more than ever, as the communities go through a challenging period, we stand in solidarity with them by extending our support. We aim to build a movement that brings together avid travellers to embrace the outdoors once again, but only when it is absolutely safe. By booking a stay now for future travel, we can ensure support to a great number of ground-staff who have, for so many years, worked hard to enable us to have a pleasurable holiday. Now it’s time we stand up for them and secure the future of the industry.”

Chitra Gurnani Daga, Co-founder and CEO of Thrillophilia added, “Thrillophilia has been recognised as the go-to brand for unique travel experiences. Given the current diminishing landscape, we were keen on helping small players in the sector that may not be able to survive unless given the much-needed fuel to kick start. So when Corona reached out to us with the Rediscover Paradise initiative, we were thrilled to support their endeavour. With both brands being rooted in the outdoors, there was complete synergy in the foundation to aid the sector and serve a common purpose of reviving tourism. We’ve worked together persistently to roll out the crusade to millions of our users. Our vendors are presently focusing on getting all sanitisation and hygiene measures in check to be prepared to welcome travellers when deemed safe.”

If you, like us, would like to join the movement, then block your stays right away, albeit for the future and when travel is safe. All you need to do is click here!