With The Lockdown, Rare Himalayan Birds Are Now Back At The Bhondsi Nature Park In Delhi NCR

Birdwatchers, nature lovers, photographers, and conservationists, we have some good news for you. Rare Himalayan birds like the fire-capped tit and the orange-scarlet critters have returned to Delhi NCR, thanks to the lockdown. They have been spotted at the Bhondsi Nature Park. By Kumar Shree

Fire-capped tit is a rare Himalayan bird that has recently been spotted in Delhi. That, however, is something, which used to happen 40 years ago. Blame it on the reckless environmental changes at the hands of humans, the bird, suddenly stopped coming here during the migratory period. It took a good 40 years before the bird choose to come back in March 2019. After it was first spotted post a 40-year gap, the beautiful bird is back again this year. They can be spotted in the Bhondsi Nature Park. The park sits in the Aravalli foothills along the Sohna Road. It also shares proximity with Damdama Lake.

The orange-scarlet critters are also there in the park and are adding to our delight. Amit Sharma, a Gurgaon-based birder, managed to photograph a pair of the bird a few days ago. Pankaj Gupta of the Delhi Bird Foundation revealed that these fire-capped tits will stay in the park for few more days before they finally take a flight back to their abode in the higher Himalayas.

Talking about the park, it has long been a preferred refuge for nature lovers in the Delhi-NCR region. Those who seek a break from the bustling, polluted and noisy city life, often find themselves amidst the peaceful greenery. The park is replete with activities like rock climbing and forest trails, which are guaranteed to leave you relaxed and wanting for more. Additionally, the Bhuvaneshwari Devi Temple is near the park and makes for a preferred meditation spot for visitors.

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