We Checked-In At The Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru & Here’s What Happened!

Whether it’s a business trip or a staycation, Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru ensures that every guest is ensconced in a positive vibe. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru is the perfect base for urban travellers.

It’s not just my first visit to the Silicon Valley of India but also to any Radisson property ever. After a hectic Friday at Gurugram, I board a flight to Bengaluru and reach my weekend destination at an ungodly hour. It’s 1.30 am by the time I exit through the Arrivals gate. So I’m not exactly thrilled when my cab driver tells me we have a 35-kilometre drive ahead of us—from the airport to the hotel. But such is the layout of this bustling city.

One Atria Café houses myriad Indian flavours under one roof.

The midnight hour means we take just about an hour to reach Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru, located on Palace Road. As I enter the property in a haze, a unique blend of magenta and blue lighting envelope me in a comforting embrace. I immediately feel a sense of calm. I’m told this effect is called Chromo-therapy: the science of using colours to synchronise body vibrations to frequencies that result in good health and harmony. For instance, magenta balances physical and mental well-being by calming distressed nerves, and blue evokes self-expression and aids in the healing of the mind.

The Indian restaurant Tijouri serves delectable Northwestern and South Indian food.

Assured of the restorative power of the property, I head to my room for much-needed sleep. The next morning, I head straight to One Atria Café–an all-day dining restaurant to grab breakfast. The spread is phenomenally huge. From traditional South Indian delicacies being dished out at open-kitchen counters to a plethora of cold cuts, North Indian dishes, fruits, croissants, and even rasgullas—Chef Kasiviswanathan surely knows how to integrate myriad Indian flavours under one roof. I love the hot dosa here.

The rooms are spacious, thoughtfully designed, and comfortable.

The hotel houses another legendary restaurant called Tijouri. It’s a fine-dining Indian eatery that serves Northwestern and South Indian cuisines. Their dal makhani, bhindi palak ki bhurjee, nalli curry, and prawn masala are to die for. If you’re looking to just hit the bar, The Whiskey Bar ensures you have a good evening. Offering Bengaluru’s finest selection of blends and single malts from across the globe, this bar is known for its innovative cocktails and finger-food selection. You can sit at the bar counter or by the poolside to unwind with your favourite drink, coupled with great music, and of course, Bengaluru’s fabulous weather. However, my favourite spot at the Radisson Blu Atria turns out to be the Tea & Wine Lounge. They have a varied selection of gourmet teas that you can enjoy with an assortment of evening cakes.

The Whiskey Bar is the perfect hangout if you like your evenings casual.

On a tour of the hotel, I’m told it boasts 167 rooms and suites. To be precise, they have 82 Superior Rooms, 44 Business-class Rooms, 33 Deluxe Suites, seven Executive Suites and one Presidential Suite. I’m housed in one of the Executive Suites—it is spacious, thoughtfully designed, and extremely comfortable. The interplay of beige and brown conveys a formal setting, and the amenities are on par with what you’d expect out of your luxurious stay in Bengaluru.

Whether you’re on business in the technology capital of India, or micro-brewery-hopping with friends, Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru plays the perfect base for weary feet and frayed nerves. From INR 9,500.

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