A strong-headed businesswoman, Radhika Ghai Aggarwal’s never-give-up attitude towards life is one of the many admirable parts of her personality. “I show up every day. I don’t give up. I think that’s it,” she says when asked about her success mantra. – Rashima Nagpal


Certainly, the growth of online shopping portal, ShopClues, in the past five years is self-explanatory. Radhika insists that it is not her own, but the effort of their three-member team that has been a strong factor in taking the company forward. “We think the idea we had was perfect. The team was very strong unlike most start-ups which involve young beginners. We’d burnt the holes behind us. We all left our homes of ten years to come back to our country where very few of us had worked as adults. It was a risk we were ready to take,” she says.


That is how her online shopping portal came to be.


A mother of two, Radhika is highly inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s book called Outliers. She believes that failures cannot be overlooked; in fact, they ought to be present. She denies the concept of turning points, though. “Each and every step taken is a turning point…some of it is just serendipity. And when you look back, you see that it all adds up. Every decision plays up into the next decision you take.”

Aggarwal is one of those who balances motherhood and her business perfectly and denounces the term ‘sacrifice’ when we talk about working women. “It’s more about prioritisation and how you compartmentalise your life. It’s wrong to believe that only women have to make the choices. It’s all about being mindfully present in the moment that you are in. When I’m at work I choose to be at work. When I’m watching my kids play squash, I choose to do just that. It’s choices you make, not sacrifices.”


Radhika Ghai Aggarwal


We got chatting about her favourites:

Her favourite shopping destinations?
New York and www.nordstrom.com


Must have in her travel-bag?
A scarf


One beauty brand she swears by?
Forest Essentials


Personal style quotient?
Easy and simple; she loves her saris


A book she’s currrently reading?