The latest upload on the Instagram feed of our favourite Radhika Apte is captioned ‘#lostintranslation’ and there’s a glimpse of Dubai in the background. We dug more and found out that the ever-stunning Apte is busy unearthing hidden gems in the ‘City of Gold’! By Kumar Shree

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Here’s the image from her feed we just talked about. Look closely and you’ll manage to spot many hints revealing that this is clicked in Dubai. The Emaar building is just one of these hints. Also, if you pay attention, you can also see Radhika’s reflection in that glass. Go ahead, scroll up and try spotting her in the image.

Radhika Apte In Dubai

Here’s another image that makes it absolutely clear that Radhika Apte is in Dubai. After all, if not in Dubai, where else in the world can you find Burj Khalifa! Don’t ask the source for this image, it’s top secret! This is not it though, just keep reading and you’ll get to see more images that we have.

Radhika Apte In Dubai

Seems like Radhika is exploring the Alserkal Avenue, a place not common on any Dubai itinerary. Away from the crowds, she seems to have found an ideal setup for a glamorous shoot. Wait! Is she in Dubai for a shoot? Maybe!

Here’s another glimpse of the Alserkal Avenue, which is a renowned cultural district in the Al Quoz industrial area of Dubai. Spread across 5,00,000 square feet, the avenue houses contemporary art galleries, non-profit organisations, and homegrown businesses. It is a go-to place for local, regional, and international audiences seeking an unforgettable cultural experience.

Radhika Apte In Dubai

Green has never looked that good before. Radhika can definitely raise things to another level, and make them look their best.

Radhika Apte In Dubai

Radhika radiates sheer elegance and panache in this image. Just look at her dress and that cutesy earring. Tell us your heart didn’t skip a beat by looking at this image, and we won’t believe you.

Radhika Apte In Dubai

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to TnL for more updates on Radhika and her sojourn in Dubai. After all, we’re sure you would want to know which other hidden places she’s found.

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