Leader of wellness retreats at RAAS Devigarh, Dr Avilochan Singh has more than 20 years of expertise in panchakarma. He speaks to us about the future of wellness travel and offers tips on staying mentally and physically fit during the pandemic. By Bayar Jain

Tell us about the various wellness therapies offered at RAAS Devigarh.
We offer personalised support to teach our guests ways to improve their health. The more you learn how to manage your health, the higher your chances of avoiding illness. Therefore, the retreats include one-on-one consultations, mindful practices, and therapies. Yogic cleansing techniques and Ayurveda-based nutrition guidance and treatments are also part of the programmes. We also offer Bach flower consultation to those who require emotional wellness.

Avilochan Singh
Dr Avilochan Singh, a fifth-generation Ayurveda physician, leads the wellness retreats at RAAS Devigarh.

How does the ancient science of Ayurveda converge with contemporary practices?The timelessness of Ayurveda’s philosophy allows it to be versatile, hence it can easily blend with modern practices. It constitutes simple habits like following a healthy routine, mindful interactions and making smart lifestyle choices.

What are the practices one can embrace to ensure well-being during the pandemic?
Over the last few months, there has been a lot of buzz around wholesome food, physical activities, and mindful practices. However, moderation is key. Excess of anything can lead to undue stress. Eating wholesome and minimally processed food, practising yoga, getting adequate sunshine, creating a work-life balance with regular breaks from a sedentary routine, creative practices, and good sleep can ensure overall well-being.

How can one combat loneliness during this time?
Acknowledging the feeling of loneliness is the first step. Stay connected with loved ones, practise breathing exercises, start journaling, plan your days, and limit news consumption. It also helps to look at the global picture and remind yourself that you’re not alone in this. Try making use of this time to nurture yourself and enjoy quality ‘me time’.

The yoga retreat at the property helps you tune into yourself.

How does sustainability fit into wellness?
We consider it an integral part and not just an add-on. Being conscious of our surroundings and taking responsibility for them help balance our well-being, and provide space for growth. Cultivating responsible habits in what we consume, accumulate, and discard can go a long way. Think seasonal, sustainable, and local. This can be applied to everything: food, clothing, gadgets, and more.

Any tips on building immunity?
Stop overexerting yourself. Eat well, exercise regularly with sufficient periods of relaxation, practise yoga with pranayama, and use sesame oil as nasal drops every day.

What do you foresee for the industry post COVID-19?
Fitness will move beyond physical wellness to include social, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. We may see the rise of a more comprehensive and sustainable wellness trend in the future.

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