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As nations all across the world work towards successfully controlling the pandemic and begin easing the lockdown restrictions, travel may finally pick up sooner than you think. If you plan on travelling for business or leisure, here’s what you need to know about Coronavirus tests and the mandatory quarantine period. By Manya Saini

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus saw the world grapple with a first-of-its-kind crisis that has ravaged many lives and industries. However, two months later, after the implementations of strict regulations and social distancing norms, many have emerged successful in controlling the spread of the epidemic.

To ensure their continued success and safety while reopening their borders to revive tourism, many countries have made 14-day self-isolation mandatory for travellers.

Here are some countries that have announced their post-COVID-19 travel regulations:

1. Australia


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The country has made a two-week quarantine mandatory for all travellers arriving on its shores, from outside, including its citizens. The self-isolation period can be completed in their own homes, however, tourists or others without suitable accommodation will be helped by the government and all essentials will be delivered to the rooms daily.

2. Hong Kong


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All arrivals to Hong Kong without exception will have to undergo a compulsory quarantine and health test. The airport has been redesigned with temperature screening and testing booths for incoming travellers. The results of the test will be made available on the same day, with those testing negative being shifted to their homes. Travellers will be required to wear an electronic bracelet throughout the two weeks to help the health department track their movement.

3. Singapore


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All passengers arriving on the island will be required to self isolate for 14 days as per the health officials, in a “hotel room or similar accommodation provided by the Singapore government.” In case the self-isolation regulations are violated by a person, they will be liable to pay a fine of up to 10,000 Singapore dollars or be sentenced up to six months in jail.

4. Canada


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Last month, Canada changed its ‘Quarantine Act’ to include provisions making it mandatory for all persons arriving in the nation to self-isolate for two weeks. As per reports, the Chief Public Health Officer of the country has said that they will provide a place to isolate in case a traveller doesn’t have a suitable one.

5. Ireland


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Not only will passengers be required to quarantine for two weeks when they arrive in Ireland, but they will also be required to fill a form, known as the ‘Public Health Passenger Locator’ which will ask for details on their travel itinerary, accommodations, contact, etc.

6. Japan


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Passengers arriving in Japan from heavily affected countries like the US, Canada, Italy, and Spain will be tested at the airport with a mandatory two-week self-isolation period. The travellers will have the option to choose whether they do so at home or in special facilities. The health ministry will arrange transportations to the designated spaces with all safety precautions in place.

7. United Kingdom


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The UK has announced a 14-day isolation period for travellers to the country excluding returning British nations and Irish Citizens under the signed Common Travel Area agreement. Foreign nationals will be required to quarantine while those who display any symptoms will be moved to special facilities.

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