In an unfortunate incident, Puerto Rico has lost its famous tourist attraction, Punta Ventana at the hands of earthquakes. By Kumar Shree

January 6 saw the Caribbean island dealing with unsettling jolts of seismic waves. The 5.8 magnitude earthquake not only traced shivering lines on the seismometer, but it also wrote a painful and irreversible history. The natural event took away the crown of Punta Ventana, in turn putting it to rest in the depths of ocean. Last week, many small jolts hit the already weak and susceptible structure, resulting in its ill-fate.

Punta Ventana, also referred to as Window Point, was a beautiful rock formation in the town of Guayanilla. The demised structure resembled a stone window through which one could take in the expansive ocean views in the backdrop. A series of small landslides and major power cuts also took their toll, and left behind a number of severely damaged houses. Thankfully, no human casualties were reported.

The entire town of Guayanilla is mourning the loss of their beloved arc. A #Guayanilla search on Instagram gives a plus of 16,000 results, and the only pictures that come up are of Punta Ventana.

Since the incident, several before and after images of the arch have been doing rounds on social media. Other image and video posts give an idea of the quake’s severity. One can see that many houses have shaken off their foundation. Residences with collapsed walls can be seen in these posts as well. Expressing grief over the incident, Guayanilla Mayor Nelson Torres Yordán, reportedly said that the town has lost an important symbol, and a natural heritage.

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