The nights with blurry images are the ones that make for unforgettable stories. When in London, it is impossible to not get into the bandwagon and witness the city’s crazy number of super-amazing pubs that make losing a night’s sleep worth it. Get on one of these curated pub crawls in London, because YOLO! By Shubhanjana Das

1. Monopoly

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The 80-year-old board game inspired this exciting pub crawl whose goal is to hit as many as 26 pubs near 26 different streets and tube stations. And guess what, the Monopoly has gained enough popularity to have its own website, a loyal internet following, and its own board, which details every location you’ll hit from the Lord Nelson on Old Kent Road to the Spread Eagle on Oxford Street. This is one risqué affair!

2. The Historical Crawl

Okay, 26 a little too much for ya? The historical crawl has just six on the list and takes you from Blackfriars and all the way through to Holborn. Hailed as ‘London’s most fascinating historical nuggets’ by The Telegraph, each of the six listed spots have their own history steeped in British culture and tradition with the stained glass details of the Black Friar to the rich timber Cittie of Yorke. You will also witness Museum of London and London Transport Museum along the way.

3. Circle Line

A relatively uncomplicated pub crawl, The Circle Line follows the underground track around the heart of London. Embankment to Leicester Square, The Circle Line is a smash on Monopoly’s face as this requires you to visit as many as 27 pubs (a one-up from Monopoly). And guess what, the outline of the crawl resembles that of a beer bottle. Attractions on the way include Big Ben, King’s Cross Station, Barbican Theatre, and Houses of Parliament.

4. Shoreditch Pub Crawl

This one’s for the youngsters who aren’t scared of steeping their feet all the way into ice-cold water. Shoreditch is the home of hipsters and the craft beer hangouts and the uber-cool street art on the route of the pub crawl makes it popular enough for there to be dedicated company that takes you to all the spots.

5. Wimbledon Eight

Oliver Reed is quite the legend when it comes to Wimbledon Eight for having hit not five or six but 16 pubs at one go. But, the actual pub crawl now includes only eight pubs to save you from the kidney failure. Hit it off from Hand in Hand and draw the finishing line at Finch’s Wine Bar, and when you come across Wimbledon Tennis Stadium on the way, you’ll know why it’s called Wimbledon Eight. However, with Prince of Denmark and The Brewery Tap struck off from the route, it may just Wimbledon Six now.

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