After being under lockdown for months, because of the Coronavirus, East Africa’s charming island country Seychelles is set to welcome tourists once again. You can book an entire private island in Seychelles and savour it all by yourself. By Kumar Shree

East Africa’s honeymoon haven Seychelles is no less than a brilliant dream with its many islands dotting the Indian Ocean. Its exquisite beaches, turquoise waters, bountiful nature, blessed marine life, and a multitude of water sport options makes it a popular destination among global travellers.


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The archipelago of 115 islands is all set to welcome tourists again after months of lockdown. While the gates are open only for people coming from low-risk zone countries, what’s on offer in Seychelles is truly remarkable. If you have been missing your dose of some vitamin sea during this lockdown, Seychelles is your place to be. The island nation is offering private islands for tourists, who can book these and soak in some warm sun while maintaining physical distancing.

Exclusive experiences come at an exclusive tag, and this Seychelles escapade is no different. You’ll need to pay a hefty sum for this outstanding experience in Seychelles. Since the cruise ships are banned till 2022, private jet is the only option to reach these private islands. Apart from this, you would also need to incur a fee of $50 (INR 3,795) for supporting the local health infrastructure.


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After battling the Coronavirus outbreak for nine weeks, Seychelles declared itself COVID-19 free in May. These islands have employed well-trained staff to take care of the guests. While the staff understand the importance of washing hands and maintaining social distancing, the islands have also employed resident healthcare workers. These healthcare workers are supposed to regularly examine the guests. All the resorts have placed hand sanitizers at entry points, and the restaurants have placed the tables six feet apart. All the team members are also asked to wear PPEs during work hours.

A world of experience awaits you at a private island in Seychelles, and that too with all safety measures in place.

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