Princess Gauravi Kumari Recommends: Check Out These Top 6 Pop-Ups In New York

Photo Credits: McCutcheon & Quintin Gellar

New York City is buzzing with exciting pop-ups and unusual Instagrammable spots. Between your Sunday brunches and evening soul-cycle classes, these interactive pop-ups will give you a new way to escape the daily grind. By Gauravi Kumari

Princess Gauravi Kumari with a friend in New York City

1. Color Factory

Color Factory is much more than just an Instagram bait. It is an interactive, multi-sensory art experience where you can take pictures in a giant blue ball pit and get your perfect ‘boomerang’ videos as you twist on the lit-up floor in the disco-themed space. And, just as you begin to get overwhelmed by the colour heaven, the experience invites you to engage your tastebuds in a room including a rotating belt of macarons in all the rainbow colours.

2. The Rosé Mansion

The Rosé Mansion is back in a bigger and bubblier avatar than ever. Enter the world of ‘RoséLand’, an adult playground where you can learn about wine in the most exciting manner. The experience invites you to join them in their ‘Celebration Room’ to get the party started with glitter cannons, a giant cake and more celebratory surprises. This Instagram paradise includes a bubble pit, a grape tunnel and a swinging chandelier. If you’re feeling regal, you can head to the ‘Cleopatra’s Palace’ to lounge on thrones while sipping Brachetto and experiencing the scent and flavours of Egypt.

3. Museum of Illusions

Have you ever wanted to run, touch exhibits and take as many photos and videos as you want in a museum? The Museum of Illusions fulfills your wishes by being an Instagram-friendly museum. It also houses a giant playground of optical illusions, games and puzzles for all age groups. You will find yourself feeling and seeing things that your brain doesn’t understand. One of the exhibits called the ‘Thermal Grill’ will make you feel like you’re getting burned while the Rotated Room will create an illusion that will seem like you are walking all over the room, including on the ceiling. The Museum of Illusions will certainly leave you believing, nothing is as it seems.

4. Ocean Cube

Ocean Cube is an immersive bioluminescent art experience in New York City, which fulfills your childhood fantasies of riding a jellyfish and living underwater. Each room offers a futuristic approach towards issues in the environment by creating eye-catchy, Instagrammable spots like a Coral Tunnel, the Bubble Mall and a Recycle Bank of Memory. This pop up promotes sustainability and conservation by creating the first ever oceanic and immersive underwater experience.

5. SuperReal

SuperReal is a surreal digital art spectacle that makes you believe you are living in a dream. This Instagram-worthy experience offers installations where you can find yourself feeling like you are in a fairytale-like flower garden and the next minute you are in the middle of a techno party with massive balloons. A walk through this exhibit will take you on a journey across different realms. SuperReal is meant to ‘attract an eclectic group of people who are willing to set their minds and senses free’.

6. Showfields

Showfields certainly lives up to its self-described title of ‘the most interesting store in the world’. It is a shopping experience that takes the relationship between brands and consumers to a whole new level. You can smell, touch, taste, feel and hear all the products and artwork. House of Showfields makes shopping less of a chore and more of a fun experience. For instance, you can spend your time in the loft learning how to make your own sushi roll or taste the designer lattes from Coffee ‘n Clothes while trying on some clothes as well as get your perfect Instagram picture on the black-and-white-striped slide, which ends in the forest-themed room.

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