The Most Precious Stones Around The World

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, definitely didn’t research enough. We have found out five of the most extravagant and coveted precious stones around the world that are worthy of both the man and the woman’s sleepless nights. Thanks to the rare minerals in the world, many of which are still unidentified and undiscovered, these stones are more than just a best friend, they are worthy heirlooms. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Black Opal

Followed by the Fire Opal, the Black Opal is the most desired opal in the world. One look at its beguiling play of colours, and you’ll know why this stone is priced at $9,500. Found majorly in the Lightening Ridge of New South Wales in Australia, it is an Australian treasure. ‘The Royal One’ is the most expensive and rare opal in the world, priced at $3 million and weighing a massive 306 carats.

2. Red Beryl

Also known by the names of ‘red emerald’, ‘bixibite’, and ‘scarlet emerald’, the Red Beryl is engraved in the mineralised rhyolite tufts in the Thomas Range of Utah, discovered in 1904 by a Maynard Bixie. This raspberry-coloured gemstone it mostly found in two to three carats and due to its rarity, can be found more commonly in gemstone collections than in jewellery collections.

3. Grandidierite

Madagascar has been blessed by nature plentifully, and its mineral deposits are an evidence of the same. The rare Grandidierite is a bluish green gem stone that can bag as much as $20,000. Grandidierite’s pleochroism is absolutely dumbfounding! It means that when held in different angles, this rare stone can seem dark blue-green, colourless, or dark green.

4. Taaffeite

Found in the alluvial deposits of Tanzania and Sri Lanka, the highly precious Taaffeite can be easily confused with a spinel. But, this extremely rare mineral, which can fetch as much as $35,000 has a double refraction, which marks its uniqueness from every other mineral out there.

5. Blue Diamond

If diamond it is that you want to go for, may as well go for the diamond ones — known to be some of the most rare, expensive, and hardest substances found on the face of the earth. The Blue Diamond is priced at a whopping $3.93 million per carat. And guess what? The earliest discovered blue diamond, named the Hope Diamond was found in the Kullur mine of the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh! Recently, the Pink Star Diamond was auctioned at a price of $7.12 million for 59.6 carats, making it the most expensive gemstone to be sold in history (based on its total price).

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