There’s something magical about Prateek Kuhad‘s songs. From the music to the lyrics, the Cold/Mess singer knows how to strike the right chord with his audience! We spoke to him about his favourite musicians, road-trip playlist, bucket-list holiday destinations and more. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

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1. What kind of a traveller are you?

I travel a lot for work, so when I take a holiday I like it relaxed. I design the itinerary in such a way that I get to spend quality time in one or two places, and minimise the actual transit time as much as possible.

2. How consequential has travelling been for you as an artist?

Not much to be honest. I’m a songwriter, so what’s important for me is actually staying at one place and spend some time with myself.

3. Where do you usually go to get your creative juices flowing?

In my bedroom or in a studio.

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north america march/april 2019 tour part #2—places

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4. From Jaipur to US — you’ve really made a mark on the international music map. How has your journey been so far?

Exhausting but exciting. I experienced a lot of amazing things that I never really envisioned or even hoped for, really. I am very grateful.

5. How would you define your music?

Alternative, song-driven pop.

6. Where did you go for your first holiday?

My first holiday was in Shimla with my family.

7. Who is your favourite travel buddy and why?

My last girlfriend. She was super easy-going and fun to travel with.

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new york new york by @bitcreate

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8. Are you a beach person or do you like the hills?

Always a big yes for beaches.

9. If you could pack only five things for a vacation, what would they be?

Some music device, notebook, pen, guitar and headphones.

10. How do you contribute to the trend of conscious-travelling?

I try not to pollute local environment with trash.

11. What does travelling mean to you?

To me, travelling is a process of learning and introspection. If you’re not learning something about yourself while on the road, then it’s pointless to travel.

12. Your favourite cities around the world?

Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

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13. A destination that you want to visit this year?

I’m not sure but I think I want to spend a few months in Los Angeles.

14. The most awkward experience you’ve had while travelling?

There are many. Few months ago I took a flight where I spilled champagne all over my co-passenger who was a complete stranger. Thank God, he was gracious and didn’t lose his cool at me!

15. Where are you planning to go next?

I have just returned from a month-long tour of North America and will head to London soon for more shows.

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Pretty walls in #losangeles. #Fairfax

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16. What are you working on right now?

Trying to figure out a window to take a long break and write!

17. Lastly, we would love to know your top five favourite songs of all time.

That’s impossible to answer! But, I’ll name five of my all time favourite artists but this list is not conclusive — Elliott Smith, Queen, Nirvana, Nick Drake and Kanye West.

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