Like many other historic cities that are brimming with ancient culture, heritage, and history, there are a lot of things in The City of the 100 Spires that miss our attention when we follow the overrated itineraries that can only show you so much. So, instead of walking the beaten path in Prague, take the road less taken by exploring these hidden gems in the city. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Divoká Šárka

Prague is dotted with numerous beautiful and idyllic parks but there’s something about Divoká Šárka that makes it unique and puts it off the route of the beaten track. Perhaps it is the fact that it offers an honest path to untouched Czech’s natural beauty and bounty, or that it is the perfect little day trip to take for some hiking and swimming. Take a brief tram ride and you will be at this park named after a beautiful female warrior who is rumoured to have seduced Citrad for gaining control of the city.

2. Cafe Louvre

The most famous cafes of Prague are often easy to notice and stumble open, but it is the ones located on the upper storeys of buildings that often get missed, and it goes without saying that these are the ones that attract our fancy. For example, Cafe Louvre is one such clandestine little cafe, which used to be the hangout of Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein. Whether it was the ambience of the cafe that attracted them or the fact that it offers the best hot chocolate in the city is a matter of great debate.

3. The Cross Club

You know what is interesting to notice? A juxtaposition of the modern and contemporary in a city like Prague, which is still steeped in its historic past and a charm that makes a trip to this Czech city feel like you’re on some secret getaway. The Cross Club is a club that intends to be at the crossroads of different cultures, subcultures, and even music. This is where the artistic minds of Prague meet, in a setting that is other-worldly from outside as well as inside, to enjoy live band, reggae, dubstep, and EDM along with a lively exchange of artistic ideas.

4. DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

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While a city’s museums offer a keyhole to look through to the city’s past, its art galleries offer a crash course in the present and contemporary reality of the city and its people. Opened on 2008, the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, more famous among locals than tourists, is one of those places which shelter the aesthetic, artistic sensibilities and genius of the city’s youth or artists in general, producing art that is a potential conversation-starter.

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