This Postman From Tamil Nadu Walked 15 Kms Every Day For 30 Years To Deliver Letters

D Sivan, a postman from Tamil Nadu has walked 15 kilometres every day for 30 years to deliver letters to the most inaccessible areas. By Tanvi Jain

Meet D Sivan, a Tamil Nadu-based postman who after walking for 15 kilometres every day to deliver letters in the remote areas of the statefor 30 years, has finally retired from his services. From walking through the thick forests to crossing slippery streams to being chased by wild animals, Sivan braved it all every day to reach the most inaccessible areas of Coonoor. 

His daily routine mostly involved walking along the Nilgiri Mountain Railway track, and trekking from Hillgrove Post Office near Coonoorto deliver letters and pensions to plantation workers who lived near the forests on the Singara Estate, near Buriliyar, and Marapallam. Reports suggest that the 66-year-old postman was paid INR 12,000 every month for his service. 

The man has been garnering praises all over social media since IAS officer Supriya Sahu’s Twitter post went viral. Along with his picture, she had also written on her wall, “Postman D. Sivan walked 15 kms every day through thick forests to deliver mail in inaccessible areas in Coonoor. Chased by wild elephants, bears, gaurs, crossing slippery streams & waterfalls he did his duty with utmost dedication for 30 years till he retired last week-Dinamalar, Hindu.” 

Not only has the post received over 75,000 likes and over 15,000 retweets, but many are even demanding civilian honour for him. “Salute to his dedication. While reading one can sense the routine job of a forest guard also. Walking for kilometres in the forest, being chased by bears & elephants. And get killed also. Far from the media limelight. These foot soldiers like D. Sivan deserve all the appreciation,” IFS Praveen Kaswan tweeted. 

“Deserves an award for this. Though there are thousands who do similar great work, even a small award from @narendramodi or the @IndiaPostOffice and the ministry will motivate the working class of India. We need to fill them with pride on self for having served the nation sincerely,” SP Sajeev Kumar added. 

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