This Plastic-Free July, Dia Mirza Urges You To Travel Consciously In The Post-Corona World

During the lockdown, stories of the environment flourishing in a land devoid of human intervention started to pick up the pace. Headlines of mountains peeping from behind what were formerly dust clouds caught attention, while canals once again breathed in life. In a world slowly embracing travel again, it’s important now – more than ever before – to keep this green spirit up and take to the roads again, this time a little bit more responsibly in the post-Corona world. On plastic-free July, environment crusader Dia Mirza narrates why this conscious step is required. By Bayar Jain

Sitting in our concrete homes and dreaming of the glorious nature flourishing beyond our windows is calming, to say the least. When choosing a destination, often, it’s witnessing this magic of the Earth that becomes a deciding factor. Whether it’s the desire to get lost in tall, deciduous forests or simply watching the oceanic waves gently lapping up the sandy beaches as the sun paints the sky in hues of orange, it’s these natural wonders that truly lure.

As the world opens up to travel again in the post-Corona world, coinciding with Plastic-Free July, it’s important for our inner green spirits to take centre-stage again. It is up to us to prevent the stars from being shrouded by wisps of grey and our lakes from drying up to mere nothingness. After long bouts of getting lost in plastic mountains, sipping water clogged with waste, and breathing in air replete with pollutants, travelling consciously is the need of the hour.

Resonating with these thoughts is Dia Mirza – an actor, producer, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, and United Nations Secretary-General Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals. Over the years, this torchbearer of environmental sustainability has been championing nature in its truest forms, and this time is no different. As the forerunner in reigniting and strengthening the relation between man and nature, Mirza’s commitment to travelling sustainability knows no bounds – a mode of conduct we could (and should) imbibe in the times to come.

So, when you embark upon your next adventure in the post-Corona world, vow to reduce your carbon footprint, bid adieu to the toxic plastics, and travel responsibly. After all, the world has many wonders yet to be seen, and many marvels to be explored.

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