Russian Firm Builds Post-Apocalyptic Bunker. Details Inside!

Taking COVID-19 preps a notch higher, this Russian firm has built a post-apocalyptic bunker for protection from such catastrophic scenarios. By Tanvi Jain

Amid constant efforts from all over the world, to curb the spread of COVID-19, a Russia based architecture firm has taken a step further. Saint Petersburg-based architecture practice Modern House Bureau, led by chief architect Alex Wizhevsky, has designed a post-apocalyptic bunker, to protect its occupants from catastrophic scenarios, such as nuclear disaster, viral outbreak, or zombie apocalypse. The bunker was built reportedly at the request of its customers seeking protection from the deadly coronavirus. 

With a sleek angular design, this, 3,230 square feet, Tesla inspired bunkerholds a capacity of at least six to 10 people. Modern House has further developed plans for CyberHouse Life — a doomsday compound for catastrophic scenarios. It has also reportedly confirmed that the bunker was specially designed keeping in mind the coronavirus outbreak. 

CyberHouse LIFE protects against coronavirus and radiation! At the request of customers, a system of protection against coronavirus and radioactive dust is being developed,” the company mentioned on its official Instagram handle. 

Most significant features of the bunker include the use of heavy-duty steel, bulletproof glass, green technology, integrated radiationmicrobiological and protection systems, and an autonomous geothermal heat pump to control the temperature of the house. Its sturdier built is a result of the use of monolithic concrete – one which is carved out of a single block. Moreover, the angular walls of the house, the armoured windows, and the metal shutters, have been built to protect from both human as well as zombie intruders 

Earlier this year, the Russian company had also revealed its plans of a similar project inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, also known as the post-apocalyptic pickup truck, with an inside space of 20-feet-long truck. 

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