Accredited with certifications in courses such as neuro-linguistic programming and reiki, actor-turned-wellness entrepreneur Pooja Bedi’s work in integrated healing stems from her years of studying mental, emotional, and physical well-being. She talks about her latest venture that encapsulates all her wisdom. By Bayar Jain

Tell us about your life journey.

It has been a fascinating ride—the fame of being an actor, the experience of a talk-show host and columnist, all the while being the granddaughter of celebrated healer Baba Bedi and a Buddhist nun [Freda Bedi], to being the founder of Happy Soul.

What does Happy Soul offer?

This website comprises products, services, knowledge, and experiences related to wellness. You will find vendors who represent quality organic food, chemical-free skincare products, essential oils, and other products. You can also access the world’s best healing and metascience practitioners, as well as recipes and information on wellness destinations.

Pooja Bedi's Happy Soul

How does sustainability fit into the purview of wellness for you?

A healthy mind, body, and planet are all intrinsically linked. We’ve got eco-friendly holidays as part of our travel offerings. Yoga mats featured on our website are made from cork,
jute, and other sustainable materials. The candles are made of soy, and the beeswax and vegetable wax is chemical-free.

Any tips on how one can ensure mental wellness?

Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health are layers of web, each leading to the other. There are many products, techniques, therapies, and trainers on our website that cater to all aspects. For example, aromatherapy stimulates your limbic system and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trains your brain to think positively.

Indians are proud of their age-old wellness therapies and are often reluctant to try new methods. How do you resolve this?

Ironically, age-old therapies are now considered new-age! Whether it’s homoeopathy, Ayurveda, yoga, a vegan lifestyle, sound-bowl healing, reiki, or pranic healing, it is a return to our roots. Wellness believes in curing ailments of the roots, instead of just deleting symptoms.

What are some of the workshops you offer?

I conduct workshops on personal transformation, spiritual connection, corporate wellness, and catharsis. Masters of healing, shamanism, and Bach flower remedies are available as well.

How do you tackle the fear of close-contact wellness therapies during a pandemic?

The most incredible aspect of energy healing is that it isn’t defined by time and space. Online sessions are as beneficial as in-person sessions.

What is the future of wellness in the post-COVID-19 world?

People are wising up to the fact that viruses aren’t the issue; immunity is. Fear and stress affect immunity, and to conquer these emotions, wellness options must be explored.

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