There is something about art that fills our heart with colour, light, and imagination! A grandmother from a small polish village is here to brighten your day with her floral murals! No time like the present to truly appreciate the value it adds to our life and the positivity the vibrant colours bring. By Manya Saini


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The small Czech village of Louka is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored. A beautiful 90-year-old granny is adorning the houses of the residents in this community with gorgeous paintings and murals. Agnes Kasparkova is a former agricultural worker who has picked painting as her newest retirement hobby.

While social media continues to revel in her creations, travellers come from far and wide to meet the lady and see her work. Agnes Kasparkova has painted bright blue traditional Moravian motifs across the walls of her tiny charming polish village. A particularly scenic and favourite spot of the painter is the chapel, where she touches up the facade annually and beautifies her flowery motifs.


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Agnes Kasparkova doesn’t work during the winter season because of the chilly winds and cold weather. But, as soon as spring arrives she begins embellishing her village again. The tradition has been passed down to Kasparkova by another local artist. But unlike her, she doesn’t plan her designs but rather lets her creations come to life spontaneously. The work is similar to the painted houses of Zalipie and is a reminder that art can be found in the simplest of ways.


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Even as the world marvels at her creations, Agnes has remained humble. The 90-year old reiterated that her love for art comes from the simple joy and pleasure that the paintbrush gives her.

This village of character, beauty and, of course, the floral decor is a must-have on your post-lockdown travel bucket-list. The motifs are a testament to the adage that there is no age to do what you love.

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