Polar bears are gearing up to get together for their annual migration event and we can all tune in to watch this adorable affair from the comfort of our homes. By Amitha Ameen

Every year hundreds of polar bears gather along the coast as they wait for the sea to turn into ice. The Polar Bear Week happens in tandem with the polar bear migration as the bears gather and wait for the temperatures to drop so that they can go back to hunting seals.

Unlike previous years, this year’s Polar Bear Week is all set to be available for viewing to animal enthusiasts from the comfort of their homes. We can watch the bears sleep, their stretch-relieving techniques, how they relax, how they get into tiffs with fellow bears, and of course, the bear hugs — all from our couches, which will certainly help beat the lockdown blues.

This year’s Polar Bear Week will kickstart on November 1 and have loads of educational programmes, climate-change tackling ideas and webcasts, and live chats straight from the Tundra. The Churchill conclave has played an integral part in educating the rest of the world about the importance of the polar bear migration and how this year’s pandemic-induced climate change will have an impact on the bear’s behaviours.

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