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These Things On Planet Earth Can Be Seen Even From Space

If you’ve ever wondered how your home looks to extraterrestrial beings, you’ll find out now, for here we are listing the things on planet earth that are visible even from space. By Quoyina Ghosh

1. The Great Barrier Reef

This 2,253-km-long reef is considered to be one of the greatest natural wonders of our planet. It is built of billions of coral polyps and is home to a variety of organisms. Of the various accolades, this magnificent wonder gathers for itself, one that truly sets it apart is of being the only living creature visible from space. Our planet is filled to the brim with stupendous wonders such as these. Let us strive to protect that, shall we?

2. The Pyramids Of Giza

One of the seven wonders of the world, these ancient pyramids are one of the most mysterious creations of man. Built-in the 2,580-2,560 BC period, it stands tall in the land of Egypt till day. What’s more? These pyramids can be seen even from space. In fact, it is an all-time favourite subject for space photography. It is said that even the limestone statues of the lion can be seen from space if provided with powerful enough cameras.

3. The Himalayas

Out of the various mountain ranges visible from space, the Himalayas are the most impressive. These ranges run for about 2,400 km and contain in them the highest mountain, Mount Everest. It also has in it several other mountains that are well above 7,200 metres high. While earth offers you the ability to trek across it, live atop it and gaze at it, space trumps earth when it comes to a bird’s eye view of the Himalayas in its entirety.

4. Amazon River

The largest river on earth, the Amazon river is roughly 4,000 miles long with various tributaries alongside it. It discharges an average of about 209,000 cubic metres of water per second. This is an amount that is greater than the next seven rivers combined. What’s more? This serpentine river makes up for around 20 per cent of the total water discharge into oceans and can be seen even from the space.

5. The Grand Canyon

Yet another creation of mother nature that features on this list, is the Grand Canyon. This 277-mile long wonder takes one day to explore and even then, you wouldn’t feel sated. However, if you hitch a ride to space and capture a good seat, a bird’s-eye view of this brilliant creation will be available to you with ease.

6. The Ganga River Delta

This river delta is the largest in the world. Spanning across an area of 220 miles, it is located in the midst of West Bengal and Bangladesh and empties into the Bay of Bengal. It is noted to be one of the most fertile lands and is known to be the favourite haunt of the Royal Bengal Tiger. While you might not be able to spot the tiger from space, the delta is a sight you definitely won’t miss.

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