The famous White Night Melbourne is back in February this year. This city-wide event, dipped in hues of art and culture, gives you all the reasons to visit Australia right now!

Since the first edition of White Night Melbourne in 2013, the international cultural festival has seen a burgeoning crowd and a participation from global artists. This year, the festival is set for February 18th, in its usual, 12-hour-long line-up of events that will set the city’s mood. Between 7pm and 7am you will be cruising through festival director David Atkins’ vision.

Sprawling over different venues in the entire city of Melbourne—streets, lane-ways, parks, public spaces, and cultural institutions—the festival has now become one of Australia’s major annual events. 2016’s White Night Melbourne was literally saturated with crowd.

This year, the 46 events that might catch your fancy include:

  • Thoroughly engaging plays like the one by Cake Industries called It’s Nice to be Alive, with dark humour and a ‘physical daydream’, at Telstra Window.
  • Swing City, a unique, 12-hour-long dance marathon that will cover the entire city.

White Night Melbourne

  • A projection of innovative wearable art on the walls of National Gallery of Victoria called Viktor & Rolf- Inside Out. This is an exclusive one-off event by Dutch fashion designers Viktor and Rolf for White Night Melbourne. (Below: The art installations from last year)
  • The World- Live which is a celebration of live music and dance from a cross-section of 140 cultures, at Birrarung Marr.
  • In another indulgence into surrealism called Rhythms of the Night, Artists in Motion will put forward an act exploring four stages of sleep at the Royal Exhibition Building.

“Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive.
When the destructive analysis of day is gone,
and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again.”

is what has apparently inspired this year’s entire fiesta.

White Night Melbourne

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—Rashima Nagpal