Take Note Of These Places That Will Pay You To Move There

As unbelievable as it may sound, there are some places in the world that are willing to pay you for moving there. If you’ve been fiddling with the idea of relocation, we say read on and see if some of these places catch your fancy. Next thing you know, you might be on that plane to your destination of choice. By Kumar Shree

1. Candela, Italy

The quaint-little town in Puglia was also known as the ‘Little Naples’ in its relatively glorious past. It housed around 8,000 residents in the 1990s. Today, that number is at a surprisingly low of 2,700 people. To revive the population, Mayor Nicola Gatta is offering €2000 (INR 1,58,016) to people who are willing to relocate. There are some conditions, though: you need to take up residency in Candela, rent a house there and also have a job with at least  €7500 (INR 5,92,560) annual salary.

2. Maine, USA

Is Maine paying you for relocating there? Well, not exactly! Instead, it is offering tax credits (on student’s debt) to recent graduates who are willing to relocate and take jobs in the city. The city is quite low in the young population sphere, and this is one of the ways employed by the government to attract a younger crowd. So, if you have recently graduated or are about to graduate soon, this is your call!

3. Santiago, Chile

The Chilean government has recently launched a programme called Start-Up Chile. As the name suggests, the programme is a dream come true for tech startups no matter which country you are from! To transform its capital Santiago into a tech hub, the government is offering $40,000 (INR 28,56,860) to tech startups, who are willing to relocate and launch their business in the city.

4. Sicily, Italy

Imagine if you could buy a home in Italy, and that too at a price less than that of a cup of coffee! Well, that’s precisely what’s on offer in Sicily, a small town, about an hour away from the capital Palermo. The population here is rapidly migrating to bigger cities, thus leaving ‘the most beautiful town in Italy (2016)’ high and dry. Conditions applied: you must commit to refurbishing the property within three years of moving in.

5. Topeka, Kansas

Here’s another opportunity from the US. Kansas is registering a stagnant growth in population and has come up with a programme called Choose Topeka. The programme offers $15,000 (INR 32,13,967) to those who purchase a home in Topeka and $10,000 (INR 7,14,215) to those who rent a home in the city.

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