This tiny island in the Caribbeans is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Walk along its perfect, pink beaches or dive into the turquoise waters around it, Harbour Island will leave you with fond memories and the urge to keep going back. By Shrimayee Thakur

Though small in size, with only about 2,000 residents, Harbour Island in the Bahamas is anything but small in its appeal to tourists. Packed full of beautiful beaches, cottages in pastel colours with picket fences, and boutique hotels, this island is quickly becoming the crown jewel of the Caribbeans. The island is only 4.8 km long and less than a kilometre wide, a veritable slice of heaven.

Around 1.6 kilometres away from the better known island of Eleuthera, Harbour Island is known to the locals as ‘Briland’, since the Age of Exploration. It is best known for its endless stretches of pink sand beaches and a range of boutique hotels that have popped up all over the island to supplement its growing tourism. The water at its shores is very warm, perfect for swimming and snorkelling, even in the winter. Visitors can also head down to Bottom Harbour to enjoy watching turtles play in the water.

The island also has some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean, that can rival popular spots in places such as St. Barts and Anguilla. A few of them are The Ocean View Club, The Dunmore, The Rock House, The Landing, Da Vine Wine and Sushi (a combination wine shop and sushi restaurant, owned and operated by a former Nobu chef) and Sip Sip, a restaurant on the beachside that only serves lunch. The restaurants on the island can be expensive, but the food is excellent.

The Landing is a luxury hotel owned and operated by India Hicks, a British celebrity and Prince Charles’ goddaughter. She was one of the bridesmaids at Princess Diana’s wedding. In 1995, she left a career in international modelling and settled in Harbour Island with her partner, designer David Flint Wood. Visitors can even rent available cottages at her own home, Hibiscus Hill.

Like other islands in the Caribbeans, Harbour Island is not easy to get to. Visitors can travel to Nassau, and then fly from there to Harbour Island, via a 15-minute flight. If you are flying into North Eleuthera, you can take a taxi to the dock, and then take a motor boat to Harbour Island.

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