Having travelled to over 20 countries, adventure photographer Matthew Massa tells us all about his future travel plans, lockdown learnings and more. Read the full interview below. By Kumar Shree


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1. Where were you when the lockdown was announced?

I was at home in Vancouver, Canada when the lockdown was announced.

2. How has your life been during the lockdown?

Pretty chill! I’ve been trying to limit my exposure to the outside world as much as possible, but things are starting to open back up, and I find myself outside more and more lately.

3. What did you miss doing the most during this time?

I definitely miss hiking with friends.


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4. Which is the first place you’re planning to visit right after this?

I have already snagged some backcountry camping permits for Assiniboine Provincial Park at the end of July this year. That will be my first ‘trip’ since lockdown.

5. What changes do you anticipate in the post-Corona world?

I suspect a lot of companies that interact with the public will accelerate their transition to autonomous systems.

6. How has this pandemic impacted your life and work?

I currently cannot travel, so I cannot work. I’m lucky to be based in a country that has an excellent government support system, though!


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7. Do you think conscious travelling will take the centre-stage post-Corona?

I think conscious travelling has already taken the centre stage.

8. What was your reaction when you learned about the lockdown?

I knew it would be a while before I could travel again, so I wasn’t shocked when things started to go into lockdown.

9. What do you miss most about travelling?

Taking photos, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people… There are so many amazing things that come from the simple act of travelling.


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10. When choosing your next destination in the post-corona world, what are the various factors you would keep in mind?

I will be paying close attention to the infection rates of countries and the systems in which they handle outbreaks.

11. What are some of the additional items you would be packing while planning a trip now?

I will be using a mask when I cannot control the proximity of people around me (buses, planes, shopping markets, etc.).

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