As Bihar and its capital city recorded the highest number of Coronavirus cases in a day, DM Ravi Kumar has ordered a seven-day lockdown in Patna starting Friday, July 10. By Kumar Shree


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Out of the 749 cases reported from all over the state in a day, the capital city Patna alone recorded a staggering 235 cases on Wednesday, July 08. The numbers are highest for a day in the state. DM Ravi, in his order, stated that the COVID-19 positive cases in Patna has shown an alarming surge in the past three weeks. DM’s order also mentioned that the district administration was convinced that a lockdown was urgent to control the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The seven-day lockdown will stay into effect from July 10 to July 16. The conditions of this lockdown are similar to the nationwide lockdown earlier. Only necessary movement will be allowed in the city. Shops selling essential commodities, offices related to essential services, and health-related services will operate as usual. All central and state government offices will seize operations during this period. All religious operations will remain shut without exceptions and no public gatherings will be allowed.


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As far as the shops are concerned, those dealing in ration, grocery, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and animal fodder can continue to function through the lockdown. Some of these shops — those selling fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish — can operate only in selected time slots between 06:00 am to 10:00 am and 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm. Home delivery is promoted to keep the public movement at a minimum.

The offices allowed to function during the lockdown have been advised to call minimum number of employees. All others have been asked to work from home.

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