You read that right. China’s Sichuan Airlines has introduced flights that are inspired by the adorable looking animal, and an important part of Sichuan’s culture. Also a flight that kids will love! By Japleen Kaur

Not only will the body of the aircraft feature animated designs of pandas, but the entire experience of travelling with the airline will be just about them. From the moment you enter the airport, air hostesses sporting cartoon logos will welcome you to the seats that’ll have covers with Pandas on them — everything will scream ‘panda’!

Even the food served on the flight will be shaped or coloured in the monotone hues, giving you all the feels. The flight, Airbus 350 connects Beijing to Chengdu, which is Sichuan’s capital. But in the future there are talks of starting a similar themed flight from China to Boston in the States.

This flight is a part of a larger program, and agenda which was launched in 2016 called, ‘The Panda Route’. It helps spread awareness about the beloved animal, and helps take measures to prevent it from getting endangered. Taking a step forward, Sichuan Airlines have even adopted a Panda named, ‘You You’, and made him the mascot.

Fuel your obsession for Pandas by heading straight to China, right now!