A promising new menu of pan-Indian dishes at Ayna, Hilton Chennai has got the city’s gourmands talking. Find out more. By Shikha Pushpan


Food connoisseurs in Chennai can now treat themselves to a whole new culinary experience with the restaurant Ayna at Hilton Chennai relaunching its menu with interesting additions from around the country.

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The menu has been developed by the restaurant’s new chef de cuisine, Biswajit, who specialises in Bengali, Punjabi, and Rajasthani fare, and relies on freshly pounded spices to do the trick for each of its signature creations. Some of the top dishes are echor er chop (a Bengali preparation of jackfruit patties), ropad wala kukkad (an improved version of chicken tandoori), triplicane kozhi (Tamil preparation of chicken biryani), kappa vada (tapiocca patties cooked in Malabari-style), laal maas (traditional Rajasthani mutton curry), dori kebabs (chicken and lamb mince), Amritsari tandoori chaap (Amritsari-style soya chap cooked in tandoor), Travancore Chicken Curry (chicken morsels cooked in Kerala style). masala chai crème brulee , and lab e shireen (an assortment of kulfi). But it’s the chef’s signature creation, lamb chops with basil chew sauce, that’s on the top of our list.


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Speaking on the occasion, Chef Biswajit threw some light on the evolution of Indian cuisine over the years. He said, “The cuisine has evolved through a series of historical events and prevalent cultures of our country. For example, Turk and Mughal influence in the Northern region of the country specifically Delhi and Uttar Pradesh helped define the cuisine that it is today. Similarly, Tamil Brahmin culture in the southern region has deep seeded effect on south Indian style of cooking along with many other cooking styles inspired from their regions, such as Mangalorean style, Mapila style, Malabar style and many others.”

Ayna is a sought-after destination among the city’s foodies for its selective pan-Indian offerings served with exquisite wine pairings. The place carries an old-world charm and is open for both lunch and dinner. The express buffet lunches served here are extremely popular among gourmands on the go.