This animal-friendly move by the national capital’s government will ensure that no animals are killed while crossing the busy roads. After all, safety comes first! By Ishani Singh

New Delhi is a master of traffic jams and speeding cars on the highway. In such a scenario, road accidents are very common. As an attempt to prevent animals from getting killed in such mishaps, the National Tribunal has proposed to build a ‘Wildlife Overpass’ for animals to help them cross a bustling highway safely.

The Noida authority has planned to develop Sector 91 with a city forest and a biodiversity park on one side, and a herbal garden and wetland on the other side, making it the city’s biggest tourism hub. In the 146-acre green belt, there is an unused walking bridge over a four-feet wide water channel, which will be utilised for building the animal bridge.

“There is an existing unused walking bridge over the culvert, about four-feet wide, which will be developed as an animal pass for the wildlife to easily move within the region and cross the culvert and the adjoining road,” Vivek Kambhoj, founder of the NGO, Haryali, told the The Times of India. He also highlighted the need of an animal bridge in areas with thick forest belts.

The animal overpass will connect all the four areas that are being built in the area and the project is inspired by Nepal and other countries in Europe, which already have such bridges in place for animal safety. This move will also be an effective step towards conserving the flora and fauna of the city.

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