Be One With Switzerland’s Dreamy Landscapes At These Open-Air Hotels

Photo Courtesy: ZERO REAL ESTATE/ Facebook

If you’ve ever fancied sleeping under the stars without having to compromise on the luxuries of a high-end hotel, you’ve landed up at the right place. Here are two open-air hotels in Switzerland that offer sweeping views of the gorgeous mountains right from your hotel room. By Kumar Shree

1. Null Stern, Gonten

Null Stern, which means ‘zero stars’ in German, redefines the concept of open-air hotels by taking walls and roofs out of the picture. Pitched in the middle of Swiss Alps with mountains, picturesque views, and an open sky for company, at Null Stern, all you get is a queen-sized bed with linens and a pair of nightstands and lamps. Their slogan says, “The only star is you.” Sitting at a height of 6,463 feet above sea level, one night at Null Stern will cost you approximately USD 210 (INR 15,889).

2. The Zero Real Estate Project, Toggenburg

Twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, along with partner Daniel Charbonnier, came up with the Zero Real Estate project. These seven open-air hotel rooms spread across eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein come with a double bed and offer unhindered views of the expansive landscape. A local farmer – well-dressed in jeans, wellington boots, and white gloves – will play your butler for the duration of your stay. The brother duo call these rooms a “performance space”, where the guests perform sans any audience. A night of unforgettable experience at one of the Zero Real Estate project’s hotels costs USD 300 (INR 22,699).

While these hotels offer extraordinary experiences, they are also flexible with booking rules and are well-equipped to take good care if the weather goes berserk. You can even cancel the booking at no extra cost if the weather is not favourable for an outdoor stay. If it happens to rain during your stay, you’ll immediately be escorted to the nearby farm. Although these projects are experimental, they also offer a much-needed solution for the ‘new normal’ of the Coronavirus world. This surely looks like the future of hotels to us!

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