Amid complete lockdown and sealed borders, these portals will help avail online curfew pass easily, but only for compulsory travelling within Delhi NCR. By Tanvi Jain


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The recently announced complete lockdown in India has come with its own set of challenges, from people losing their jobs to running out of supplies, and to even being stuck in a different city, away from hometown… Therefore, in order to make things easier, the government has announced the provision of a curfew pass, which allows movement within Delhi NCR 

At first, the procedure involved going to the DCP office located in your work area with the required documents, but to save you the trouble, the government has introduced an epass, which can easily be availed online at epass.jantasamvad.orgin Delhi, and at ggncurfewpass.inin Gurugram.  

While the lockdown is for everybody, the government has permitted essential services including doctors and journalists, to continue without any restrictions. 


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The pass not only allows you to travel during the lockdown but also gives options to seek food and ration. All you need to do is visit the website, submit your personal details such as name, address, contact number, type of service and an ID proof; and the purpose of travel, which will be considered only if extremely necessary. This e-pass which is issued by the state government also helps daily wage workers to get food, ration, pension, and compensation of INR 5,000 

Moreover, you can also apply via WhatsApp, by sending all the required documents on the state government provided authorised mobile numbers in your respective area, i.e. East, North East, Central, New Delhi, North, South East, West, South, South West, North West. The details include name, address/place of engagement, details of essential service/purpose, period, time, copy of ID card like Aadhar, voter card etc., vehicle number, only if required. There’s also an email option available, where you can mail the same documents at [email protected]. 


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