As space is becoming premium all around the globe, the experience offered by one-room hotels is gaining more popularity. With their quirky charm and unique designs, they are re-defining luxury among travellers.​ By Upasana Singh

With limited space in today’s world, hotels are squeezing themselves into smaller spots. As a result, a new wave of one-room guesthouses is on the rise. Set up in unusual spots— from bridges to towers, these one-of-a-kind hotels will surely enrich any traveller’s experience.​

1. THEKRANE, Copenhagen​


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This crane turned hotel is located by Copenhagen’s Nordhavn harbour. It’s all black. Furnishings is packed with dark wood and inky paint that contrasts the watery views. The suite’s 50 sq m space is perfect for guests to cocoon themselves in the colder months.​

2. Nuwa, Seoul​

Walking down one of Seochon’s oldest alleyways in Seoul, you will find this serene one-room hotel tucked in. If you want to retire into the rustic touch of this limited space, do not hesitate as it also includes a sunken bathtub, a reading nook, and a long dining table.​

3. The Grand, Antwerp​

Earlier, a 17th-century house, this one-room hotel is now Antwerp’s skinniest guesthouse. White staircases wind through the building that leads up to a roof terrace overlooking the city. After long hours of exploring Antwerp, guests can relax in the indoor hot tub and enjoy the picturesque views.

4. Trunk House, Tokyo​


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Tokyo is home to tiny houses and minimalistic hotels, the clever use of space can be seen at Trunk House, located in the Kagurazaka neighbourhood. A tiny nightclub is included in this former geisha house. Traditional Japanese elements have been transformed into more contemporary and modern designs to elevate this boutique hotel.​

5. Central House, Copenhagen​

Atop a tiny coffee shop, Central House gives a new meaning to bed and breakfast. Situated in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro, the tiny hotel provides a feeling of homely warmth. Close to all the tourist hotspots, restaurants and cocktail bars, it earns brownie points.​

6. Chimney House, Copenhagen​


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Vipp, a Danish design company has created a series of one-off guesthouses in different locations. Chimney House is one such place that defines Scandi minimalism with its clean lines, terrazzo flooring, and leafy plants.​

7. One Room Hotel, Prague​

Set up at a height of 230 ft in the air, One Room Hotel is located inside Prague’s Žižkov Television Tower. Guests can appreciate the marvellous views behind long glass windows or head downstairs for dinner and drinks, a massage, or even a game of mini-golf.​

8. Sweets Hotel, Amsterdam​


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Twenty-eight of Amsterdam’s defunct bridges have been converted into self-contained one-room hotels. So, if you are looking for a prime waterside spot for your next vacation, this is the perfect place for you. Guests can not only enjoy the view of canal boats passing by but also experience Amsterdam through this local icon.

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