To cater to your quest for extraordinary drinking experiences, we have put together a list of bars that are off-the-road, off-shore or in fact, in the middle of the ocean. How far would you go to get yourself a drink?

We, as humans, are prone to feeling a certain kind of high, including one that is induced by finely crafted alcohol. While there is a bunch of us collectors who like to travel the world to buy the most exquisite vintages (albeit with a lot of money),  there are others who like the feeling that comes from enjoying a drink in a gorgeous setting. To add to your unique experiences, here we’ve compiled a list of some of the offbeat bars in the world.



Northern Lights Bar, Iceland

Our best advice to a traveller who’ll go any length to find his drink is the Northern Lights Bar. Located in the splendid Ion Hotel, just an hour outside of Reykjavík, the bar is so far out and unhinged by human habitation, that you might catch yourself in doubt of its existence on your way there. But go far enough and you’ll be rewarded with an ecstatic vision of the northern lights from where you sit, sipping on an old scotch.The  Silfra Restaurant & Bar at the hotel is equally popular. Gourmands are known to come here from around the world for its authentic Nordic cuisine.


Offbeat Bars


The Sunland Big Baobab Bar, Limpopo province, South Africa

This one is one of our most interesting finds. This tiny pub is located in an African baobab tree that’s over 6,000 years old! Believe it. When baobabs become a thousand years old, they begin to hollow inside. In the Big Baobab, this has resulted in wonderful caverns and caves and has earned it the reputation of being the widest in its species. The world famous Baobab Tree Bar now amazes visitors from all over the world with the bar  that is neatly tucked inside the hollow of its trunk. It can only serve 15 guests at a time, so prior reservation is mandatory.



Albatross Bar, Tristan da Cunha
If you manage to travel to the world’s most remote, inhabited island that Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic Ocean is, spotting the only pub on the island will not be a hard task. The Albatross Bar is situated in the middle of a rough patch of the South Atlantic Ocean known as the Roaring Forties. The island has no airport and can only be reached by a fishing vessel from Cape Town.


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The Old Forge Pub, Knoydart, United Kingdom

Another remote find on our list is the one that sits in a far corner of Britain’s mainland with no roads leading in or out of the bar. It’s so remote, in fact, that it’s won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. You’ve got two ways to reach this pub: An eighteen-mile hike or a seven mile route on the sea. What’s more, here, you can expect some mean seafood spreads and a menu that has just about every cuisine on it: Australian and Scottish, South Africaan and Kiwi, East Coaster and French. Check their website to know about their important dates this year.


Offbeat Bars


Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica 

The owner of this bar brought his dream to life when he created this rustic-looking bar in the ocean. Made of driftwood, it sits on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean in Parottee Bay on the South Coast of Jamaica. A 20-minute boat ride should get you here, and once you arrive, you can enjoy a game of dominoes, drink beer, swim the shallow waters and sunbathe. The most special thing about this bar is that every traveller leaves behind something personal that’s hung inside the bar as a memory. The bar gets its name from the flock of pelicans that rest on the sandbanks near the bar.


The William Thornton Floating Bar & Restaurant, British Virgin Islands 

This legendary floating bar is accessible majorly by special boat-taxis that take you to the various destinations of The Bight on the Norman Island. It is practically a bar-cum-restaurant housed in an anchored ship in the sea. The story goes thus: William Thornton, a physician and a self-taught architect was born in Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands, in 1759. He was also a painter and an inventor. Mick and Annie Gardner opened this restaurant in 1989, as an ode to Thorton’s life that began in a Baltic trading vessel.


Offbeat Bars


Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico

Aluxes are mystical Mayan elves that rise in the moonlight and search for places with magic to hide in. Dine at Alux Caverna in Playa del Carmen, where an 18,000-year-old geological formation plays the backdrop for your drinks and dinner.  A wonderful combination of a cave and a cenote, this is the largest cave bar in the world.


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