So you’ve dived from the sky and off a cliff, climbed mountains and hopped waterfalls. Awesome! But, have you wondered what you want to keep on your list next? The world is vaster than our imagination can ever measure, and it comes with a fair share of surprises. Ones that are as thrilling as these offbeat adventure activities that one can try around the world. Which one will you eye next? By Shubhanjana Das

1. Raft on The Tidal Boar Cliffs in Colorado

You may have gone white-water rafting in Rishikesh, but this one is of a whole other league. Known for having the highest tidal range in the world, Bay of Fundy, a massive funnel-shaped bay sandwiched between Nova Scota and New Brunswick will test just how far you can push your limits. The waves, which can top 10 feet, are formed when the sea wrestles with the Shubenacadie river twice each day as a tidal bore temporarily reverses its flow.

2. Live an F1 Racer’s Life in Singapore

Take your F1 experience a few notches higher by living the life of an F1 racer instead of just seeing the race from the racks. The adrenaline rush from the fancy cars and crazy engines on Singapore’s Formula One Circuit is inexplicably thrilling. A few laps and you’re bound to have an experience of a lifetime turbo-charging through the tracks!

3. Kite Surfing in Bali

Parasailing and windsurfing is something that you can find in a lot of places around the world. What you can’t find is kite surfing. That’s right, Bali continues to thrill travellers till date with its exciting activities. Combining lemenets of wake-boarding, snowboarding, and windsurfing, kite surfing is an experience that you can tell your grand-kids about!

4. Hike The Grand Canyon

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So many amazing canyons to explore! Buckskin Gulch drains into the Grand Canyon and is one of the world's premier slot canyons. Buckskin Gulch is one of the main tributaries of the Paria River, which is itself a minor tributary of the Colorado River, which then flows through the Grand Canyon. Buckskin Gulch is the longest and deepest slot canyon in the southwest United States (and may be the longest in the world!) Its narrow walls carve a 12-mile gash through the southern Utah desert. The extended exposure to flash flood danger makes Buckskin one of the country’s most dangerous slots. Rarely more than 10 feet wide, the eerie corridor is 400 feet deep at its junction with the Paria River. Most chilling: The entire length of sandstone wall is virtually insurmountable–except for a single escape hatch at the Middle Route, about 8 miles in from Wire Pass. Should thunderstorm-bloated flood waters come charging down the tunnel, you’re no better than a bug in a firehose. Photo by Rory Beymer #grandcanyon #hiking

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One hundred ordinary hikes around the world may fail to equal the Grand Canyon hike, one of the most coveted activities among the adventure junkies around the world. The hike isn’t ordinary and the preparation for it can hardly be expected to be the same. Train and prepare for it with the right gears for you wouldn’t want to miss capturing the jaw-dropping view from the top.

5. Climb the Amazonian Trees

Relive your childhood by experiencing the tropical tree climbing in none other than one of the most dense, mysterious and enthralling forests of the world — the mighty Amazon. Climb to the top to a good 200 ft. and dangle from a hammock to have a rendezvous with monkeys, butterflies, orchids, birds and other flora and fauna whom Amazon shelters. If you’re one of the bolder ones, opt to stay after the dark to witness something that not many travellers can boast of — the night life of the Amazon.

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