Heading to the Ramchandi beach in Odisha? Grab a spot in its new beach shacks, set up for the first time! By Shrimayee Thakur

Odisha’s Marine Drive-Eco Retreat has set up beach shacks beside their camping site. Eco Retreat, which has brought the Glamping (glamorous camping) trend to Odisha, is setting up these beach shacks along with the Odisha Government. The shacks are the perfect way to enjoy lounging at the beach.

The beach shacks are an initiative taken up by the Odisha Tourism Department, and provide a refreshing atmosphere, complete with everything you could need to enjoy a day at the beach. Think music, food and alcohol while you dig your feet into the warm sand and listen to the soothing sound of gushing waves. Visitors can enjoy walks along the Ramchandi sandbar, or rejuvenate at the Eco Retreat’s exclusive spa by the beach. The Glamping festival also offers a chance to participate in water sports. The shacks have been set up to promote tourism on Odisha’s beaches.

Currently, there are four shacks, which will be available for visitors from 8 am to 11 pm. The shacks were made available to anyone visiting the Marine Drive-Eco Retreat from December 18, 2019. People visiting the shack will also be able to treat themselves to a cultural retreat, and a light and sound show which will be held at 6 pm every day.

According to sources, Commissioner-cum-Secretary of the Odisha Tourism Department, Vishal K Dev has said when referring to the setting up of the beach shacks, that beach shacks are not only popular amongst youngsters but also appeal to families. He also said that the ultimate aim behind setting up these shacks was to give all visitors, apart from in-house guests, a chance to relax at the beach and enjoy the ambience of the sea and the Marine Drive-Eco Retreat. As Christmas and New Year are also almost here, officials hope that the shacks will attract more people in the coming days.

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