Being proactive about healing our planet sitting some 11 years away from an irreversible climate emergency is a necessity not many pay heed to. However, Norway stands apart with its multifaceted methods to promote the green movement our planet truly needs. By Quoyina Ghosh

1) Energy Positive Buildings

Norway is home to a set of buildings that are ‘energy-positive’. What that translates to is that these buildings produce more than twice the energy consumed by it on a daily basis. You see, the architecture of these buildings are such that solar panels line its exterior, storing energy in the long summer days, which are then used in the darker months. If innovation and sheer mindful efficiency had a child, Norway would be it.

2) Electric Airplanes

The relation between real life and a sci-fi novella is very evident in Norway – this seems very apparent by their plan to create electric airplanes by 2020. Further, they want to convert all the flights of up to 1.5 hours to such hybrid planes. This will result in a huge negation of greenhouse house gas and carbon monoxide emissions. Even noise pollution will significantly lessen with such electric planes. Like I said, if you want to experience the blurring of reality and science fiction, Norway’s the place for you.

3) Pant System

The Pant System rewards people for recycling. This allows people to return the plastic bottles and aluminium cans through return machines in supermarkets. For each return, they receive sizeable monetary rewards such as NOK 1 to NOK 2.5. This system has led the people of Norway into actively taking to recycling. A miraculous statistic of more than 97% bottles being recycled sings testimony to the same. Wonder what with most of the world resorting to using plastic amenities only one time before discarding them? Norway stands light-years ahead with a system that has led to certain plastic bottles being recycled up to 50 times.

4) Electric Transport

Norway’s interest in electrically inclined pathways does not merely end with energy-efficient buildings. It is also known to be a pioneer in the field of electric marine transport. Moreover, Norway is known as the world’s EV capital with more than about 50% of the vehicles being electric there. This is possible due to the generous financial perks by the government for the people who purchase these cars. The goal is to aim for a future with significantly less carbon emissions, air and water pollution, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they’re almost there.

5) Plastic Usage Reduction

Supermarkets are filled to the brim with plastic in every shape and form. This plastic ends up in oceans, landfills and affects the environment adversely for millions of years at a stretch. Norway tackles this problem heads on with the replacement of plastic with paper or recycled material. It is said that by 2020, plastic usage in Norway will drop by a massive number of about 1,260 tons. Moreover, apart from supermarkets, this initiative is also taken up by other business ventures. The future of our planet is clearly not taken lightly by this country!

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