The Northern Lights as we know it has been a constant in every person’s travel bucket-list since forever. A lot of things have changed around us in the world, for better or worse, but thankfully, some things just remain the same. All you have to do is look up and feel the magic running through your veins as the sky puts up its own light show, and the most spectacular one that we know of! So, here’s the ultimate Northern Lights itinerary in Norway for you to save the date, get that flight ticket, and witness one of nature’s most magnificent and boastful wonders. By Shubhanjana Das

A Little About Norway

Contrary to popular belief, Norway isn’t inhabitable or dark as night during the winters. In fact, even though the majority of the tourists head to Norway mostly during its sunny, bright, pleasant summers, the winters are for the ones who are in it for the real deal. And let’s not forget that winter is the best time to view the Aurora Borealis

Things You Should Remember

Aurora Borealis isn’t a static entity like a statue or a museum. It is entirely up to nature itself whether you will get to see it or not. So, plan your trip to Norway, and specifically to Camp Tamok, accordingly. Ideally, having a week’s time window ensures that you will have more than just one or two shots to view the iridescence of the night sky.

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Besides the luck quotient, in order to view the Aurora Borealis, there are a few other factors that are at play — high solar activity, be it in the Arctic Circle (meaning you can’t view it from Oslo), and of course, it has to be pitch dark.

The best predicted time to view the Northern Lights in 2019 is during the equinox months of September-March, with darker and longer nights.

Oh and by the way, the Northern Lights are always happening, it’s just that its visibility to us is determined by a whole lot of factors.

The Best Places To See The Northern Lights:

Tromsø: The Aurora Park in the small town of Tromso is one of the most ideal locations to view the northern lights when it is active due to the ideal weather conditions. Besides, the Lyngsalpene mountain range also promises minimum light pollution, making it another reliable viewing spot in Tromsø.

Cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes: Why the cruise? Well, because the middle of the ocean promises zero to negligible light pollution, meaning higher chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Some of these cruises also involve staying in a nice hotel and other adventure activities. It is best to check them out with the local agencies for the best guidance.

Svalbard: It is a no-brainer that the northernmost town in the world, Longyearbyen, located in Svalbard will have higher chances of viewing the northern lights from. Situated between mainland Norway and the Northern Pole, Svalbard is all about fjords, glaciers, mountains, and polar bears. But, consider getting away from the town of Longyearbyen to avoid all the light pollution, even though Svalbard’s long Polar Nights leaves the town in darkness for 24 hours from November to mid-February.

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