America’s first innovative digital art space ARTECHOUSE is all set for a memorable culmination of its 2019 exhibition season with AURORA: The Spirit of Northern Lights. By Kumar Shree

Continuing on its self-set standard of taking seasonal storytelling to newer heights with an eclectic fusion of creativity, technology and innovation, ARTECHOUSE borrows inspiration from the aurora borealis for its new blockbuster biennial. The aurora borealis is the result of solar wind and a spectacular natural light display in the Earth’s sky. Predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions, the phenomenon has people romanticising the idea of witnessing one since forever. The same is the reason for the increasing number of tourists flocking towards north every coming year. It is the same fascination that compelled ARTECHOUSE to come up with ‘AURORA: The Spirit of Northern Lights‘.


ARTECHOUSE has created an immaculate interpretation of the natural reality in an artificial setup that allows one to capture the ‘Spirit of Northern Lights’ in an immersive, multi-room experience without having to worry about time limits, extensive travel or freezing winter. The entire experience has been designed and executed by ARTECHOUSE’s in-house creative team and their flawless execution will take your breath away.


Sandro, one of ARTECHOUSE’s founders says, “Let the aurora borealis and the icy chill of winter spark your imagination and experience the potential of art and technology within this innovative wonderland.”

Timings & Conditions

You can witness ‘AURORA: The Spirit of Northern Lights’ starting December 7, 2019, to January 5, 2020. The timings are from 10 am to 5 pm for people of all ages, and 5 pm to 10:30 pm/11:30 pm for after-hours that allows admission of only those above 21. After hours and weekend admissions include operating bar with ARTECHOUSE’s ‘Augmented Reality’ drinks.

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